Our Proficiency

Conscious Plateform

The level of audience interaction with social graphic continues to make an impact on the entertainment in which these audiences partake.

Social Publicity

Intending to fulfill the demands of our clients, we are offering a wide assortment of Social Media Publicity Video Advertisement Platform.

Aquire Resources

We provide a golden opportunity to earn money by acting, dancing, singing and others in this platform using live streaming facility.

Our Fetures

Quick Sign-up

Users prefer a quick and easy sign-up process over a long tedious one. The app facilitates a simple registration process that can be done in less than two minutes.

Extensive Song Selection

Uploading dubbed videos or ones with a soundtrack is a major part of the fun in the Roposo clone app. We provide an extensive song list that users can choose from for their videos.

Curated Feed

The user’s feed is highly customizable and will reflect their personal preferences. The smart curation system takes into consideration the user’s likes and dislikes to curate their feed.

Live Streaming

Users can choose to live stream from their phone camera with the ‘Go Live’ option on the Roposo clone app. People who enter the stream can comment and share the stream.

Our Portfolio

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